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Product Photo, Is It Important?

March 24, 2021

Owning a business means that you constantly have to showcase your products to your client. 


This part is where product photography plays a significant role in any business. It’ll especially give the impression to convince people to buy your products.


The key point is to use high-quality photos that help accentuate what your business is selling, so people get excited and want to learn more. 


Especially for businesses who use online platforms. 


Why is it important for your online platform?


Having an online shop is time-efficient for both seller and buyer, which is increasingly popular in this era. However, the downside of using an online platform means that buyers can’t see the products that you’re selling on your platform in real-life.


This is where the uses of product images come in-handy!


The use of an image is compelling. If you haven’t done it, means that you could lose out on some potential buyers or sale conversions.


A good photo of your product is important in that it can affect your shops making a sale or losing customers. 


Regardless of whether or not that is a fair judgment of your product’s quality, it means you need to have distinct, high-quality photos that showcase what you’re offering.


Let the picture describe!


Have you heard of the phrase “a picture worth a thousand words”


With good images, it’ll cost less of your time to write a lengthy description! 


A simple point description of what you are selling is all that your business needed to let customers know about your products! 


Increase your branding


Indeed, other factors like product design, social media presence, website are beneficial to how people will see your brand, but this doesn’t mean that your product images are less important. 


Product images play a significant part in your general brand presence. Especially, when your business uses an online platform. It’ll help to show your products and how it is perceived by potential consumers. 


So, what are you waiting for? Start using a good photo for your businesses! Who knows it can attract potential buyers.


Are you looking to open up your online ordering platform?


Set up your web platform with Abacus! Strengthen your brand with your own images and color palette. By uploading your best photos to make your online store or menu attractive.  There’s many things that you can do with our online ordering platform. Ready to set it up? Reach us at sales@abacuspos.co.id, and our team will get in touch with you shortly! 



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