Enhance Your POS With Staff Rostering

The Abacus Rostering module allows you to organise your roster across one or several locations. Input your staff information, set your roles and pay rates, and plan rosters before sending out automated e-mails to your staff to confirm their shift.

The Benefits of Abacus Rostering

  • Makes rostering easy
  • Prevents over-staffing
  • Updates in real time
  • Facilitates timesheet generation
  • Accurate information based on POS and Roster App activity
  • Exports to Xero and MYOB
Get reliable timesheets that automatically generate when your staff clock in!

Adjustable Pay Rates

Set your pay rates in time blocks, so your morning, mid-day, evening, and overnight shifts each have their own pay rate. Create as many pay rate combinations as you like, and adjust them at any time.

Exportable Timesheets

Seamlessly export your timesheets to Xero. When your staff clock in and out of their rostered shift, a timesheet will automatically generate so you can see exactly when they were at work. Approve, edit, or reject each timesheet.

Labour Cost Estimation

It’s not just a roster, it’s a weather forecast, and labour cost estimator. See staff availabilities, use the forecast to manage shifts in advance, and refer to the past labour cost summaries.

Customisable Tags

Create and apply multiple tags to staff members so you can filter your staff easily when rostering shifts.

Control Over Multiple Locations

If you have multiple locations or venues, create a separate listing for each of them, specify their opening hours, and you can create shifts for all of them. Don’t worry about double-booking staff across multiple venues; your roster will tell you if a staff already has a shift!