Reservasi Online

Enhance Your POS With Online Reservation

Let your customers book a table with our fully integrated online reservation service. However busy your schedule, your customers will be able to see what times are actually available to request a reservation.

The Benefits of Abacus Online Reservations

  • Encourages customers to book for special occasions
  • Minimises wait time for customers
  • Improves overall restaurant management
  • Allows staff to arrange seating in advance
  • Updates in real time
  • Heightens exclusivity of restaurant
Increase your traffic and efficiency by letting customers make reservations wherever there is an availability!

Easy embedding

We’ll give you the code so you can embed the online reservation system into your existing website. You don’t need to be a web guru—just copy and paste! By seamlessly incorporating online reservations in your site, you give your customers an easy route from browsing the menu to making a reservation.

Intuitive interface on POS

View entire days of reservations on the POS in the intuitive daily view, so you can plan ahead. New reservations appear in real time! When you know how busy a day will be, you can arrange staff, ingredients, and seating in advance. You’ll even know any special requests submitted by your customers, so the session goes smoothly for everyone!

SMS notifications

Keep your customers in the loop with SMS notifications made straight from the POS. You can remind customers of their reservations made in advance, or set up a virtue queue for walk-ins!

Reservation approval

Sometimes, you just can’t take everyone. The system will automatically prevent reservations from being made when you’re fully booked out, but you can also make sure that every reservation request goes through you, first!

Integration with Dimmi (coming soon!)

Australia’s renowned restaurant marketing company Dimmi will integrate with Abacus’ online reservation system, so you can attract even more customers to your venue. Dimmi is a TripAdvisor company with a huge network including Qantas and Zomato, so your business can be exposed to hundreds of thousands of foodies – and your reservation service is ready right here for them!