Business Intelligence

Customise Your POS With Business Intelligence

The Abacus Business Intelligence (BI) module is your portal for in-depth analysis of your
business’ performance. View sales activity across various timespans, and compare sales at a
glance with automatically generated graphs.

The Benefits of Abacus Business Intelligence

  • Makes sales comparison easy
  • Allows data export
  • Accurate information based on POS activity
  • Updates in real time
  • Generates graphs instantly
  • Grows with you
Make informed decisions based on the actual activity pulled straight from your POS without
worrying about losing information through a third party.

Store comparison

See how your sales compare across different stores with our automatically generated graphs. Filter by
any number of your stores, and compare sales across different timespans. All sales activity is also
broken down, so you can see the fine details and retrieve specific invoices.

Customer demographic insight

Understand your demographic so you can adjust pricing and products accordingly. Use our graphs to
compare age, country, and gender of your registered customers. Filter by your store location so you
know what to promote where, and filter by signup date to assess the efficacy of your promotions.

Customer behaviour tracking

See how your customers are distributed to find the best location for your next franchise, and to
understand your customer reach. Compare how much your male and female customers spend in any suburb,
and see what they are buying.

Section sales analysis

Break down your sales into specific periods to learn when most of your sales take place on any day.
Compare a specific period’s sales to the daily average, and find out what your best selling products
are for any given period.

Sales comparison

See your sales in four different periods across all of your stores, breaking down the number of
transactions, average transaction amount, guest count, and spend per person. Filter by days, months,
or customised periods, and compare sales easily with graphs.