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Is Thermal Paper Harmful?

March 8, 2021

In this digital era, thermal printers are the most popular type of receipt printer. You will often see it in restaurants, cafes, and retail stores.


Even when we withdraw from the ATM or when buying things, we often get thermal paper receipts.


Are you the type of person who keeps on that receipt in your wallet for a long-time?


Bad news to some of us, according to (“BPA In Receipts | BPA Health Risk – Consumer Reports News”, 2021), thermal paper can cause serious health problems. Yikes!


This is caused by the chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA) and Bisphenol S (BPS) that coated the receipt. It says that touching it for more than 10 seconds can increase levels of the chemical absorbed into your body because it rubs off easily, which can cause breast and prostate cancer and brain damage.


Not only a cashier, but we can also still get more BPA exposure than we realize as thermal papers are common in this digital era. Such as airplane boarding passes, ATM receipts, train tickets, movie tickets, and those food and beverages receipts.


So what can you do to reduce your exposure to BPA and BPS?


–       Wash your hands with soap and water after touching a receipt before touching other things.


–       Don’t use a hand sanitizer or any other skin products after touching a thermal receipt. Usually, skin products contain a chemical called dermal penetration enhancers which can increase the level of BPA.


–       If you have to encounter a receipt in your everyday use, try to touch the non glossy backside, it contains less BPA.




–       Choose a paperless receipt via text message or email. This is getting common in many businesses.


What solutions can Abacus give to F&B businesses that used thermal paper?


Usually, in F&B businesses, it will encounter the use of thermal printing methods.


Like when the waitress is giving out the order dockets to the kitchen, giving the bill to the customer to double-check their order, or just simply giving out receipts to customers.


Abacus Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)


With our KDS, your kitchen staff doesn’t have to print out the order dockets as it cuts the need for printers. Staff can just simply see from the KDS.

This includes seeing the order variants, recipe notes, and smart grouping! It’ll increase operational systems and order workflow.


Table Ordering


Abacus table ordering application allows your customers to order straight from the iPads situated at their tables.  They can add another items or view their table bills.


We, Abacus, will try our best to give tech solutions to your business. Want to know how we do it? Contact us through email at sales@abacuspos.co.id



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