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Tips on How To Overcome The Impact of Covid-19 in F&B Industry

December 8, 2020

The global pandemic, Coronavirus, or known as Covid-19, that started in early 2020 brings a negative impact on lots of business sectors. One of the industries that are affected is the food & beverages Industry (F&B)


According to The Jakarta Post, the food and beverages industry in the various cities in Indonesia is mostly affected compared to any other ventures. With the regulation that the Indonesia Government asks the public to implement is called Large Scale Social Restrictions (PSBB). People need to maintain their distance. Also, best if they didn’t leave their house unless for an urgent matter or necessary things. The public feels safer if they follow the regulations. And this is done to reduce and slow down the spread of the virus.


This regulation does affect our everyday habits such as buying food. Now, it is better for them to take-away or order through an online platform rather than eating at the spot itself. The change of everyday habits makes business owners in the F&B business shifts their ordering methods to online ordering or taking away their food and drinks.


Things that business owner can do to increase their sales and business strategy so that their business can run smoothly during the pandemic:

Online Ordering


You must have heard the term online ordering is a known term, especially in a retail business. A few years back, online ordering was likewise in the f&b business. With an online ordering system, customers can easily order their foods and drinks because it is practical and easy to access.


With online ordering, the customer can choose their pickup point or delivery point. So it doesn’t matter whether your customers are in an office, mall, or hotel. Customers can also choose the time and date for delivery. Not only from websites, now it is possible to access an online ordering platform through an application. Many business owners have used this method for their venture. It is easier for customers to order their food. Another alternative is a food & beverages vendor can join a food delivery application like Grab, Gojek, and others.


Self-ordering Kiosk


With the advance of technology, lots of people begin to realize efficiency and productivity are significant elements for the sake of comfortability to run a business, especially in the Horeca industry.


Self-Ordering Kiosk can help a business to run smoothly and your operating system to run faster during hectic hours where your employee can’t handle it. Your customer can order right away in the kiosk machine without needing to queue and wait for a long time. Now, your customer doesn’t have to depend on the cashier.


With this machine, customers can enjoy their order as soon as they can and this does not close the possibilities that they’ll enjoy their food more with a fast service rather than have to wait. Not a lot of businesses use self-ordering kiosks, this is an opportunity to attract many new customers and it gives them the curiosity to try using the kiosks. When new customers are attracted, this does not close the possibility that they will become loyal customers for your business.


Customer Database


Marketing your products to a customer is important, and there are many ways for you to do it through Email, SMS, call, or even social media. That is why a business needs to have a loyal customer or a potential customer database. By saving your customer’s information you’ll get to know their preference and interest in your products. Other than that, you can market your current or future promotion. Saving your customer data can be said as an effective way to attract customers and increase your sales.


Apart from marketing your products, collecting data can help in analyzing the increase and decrease in sales. When a decline in sales occurs, you can quickly determine the right strategy that you should use.


Another option that owners can apply during the pandemic is,

QR Menu


The impact of this pandemic has led many people to be cautious of physical contact, this has led restaurants to divert the use of the physical menu to a QR menu. Your customers only need to scan a barcode from their device. This makes ordering more practical and reducing direct contact.


Join Abacus now!

All of the above can be done if a business comes across the right POS and is aligned with their business. Abacus has all of the features that are needed in a business. We can support you in providing an online ordering application, QR menu, and others. If you’re interested, you can contact us at sales@abacuspos.co.id and our team will be in touch with you soon! We wanted to help your business to run more smoothly especially during this pandemic.




Post, T. (2020). Food & Beverage industry hit hardest by COVID-19: Report. Retrieved 21 October 2020, from https://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2020/03/27/food-beverage-industry-hit-hardest-by-covid-19-report.html

PSBB/ Large-Scale Social Restriction during COVID-19 Pandemic. (2020). Retrieved 1 December 2020, from https://suaka.or.id/2020/04/14/psbb-large-scale-social-restriction-during-covid-19-pandemic/


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