What will you get with our Point of Sale?
Highly customisable menu
Whether you have a menu of 5 dishes or 500+, you can colour-code your products, add pictures, specify allergens, and flag what’s popular!
Flexible payment options
Stay with your local bank, because we work with Australia’s Big Four! What’s more, your customers can pay with cash, card, vouchers, credit accounts… or split the bill!
Advanced printing
Customise your dockets and receipts all by yourself by controlling your font size, weight, and logo placement. You can also set up separate printers specifically for takeaway orders!
Ensure that your entrées, mains, and desserts come out separately, and that they’re going to the right guest.
Automated surcharges
Set surcharges to automatically apply on weekends, public holidays, or for credit card payments.
Employee time clock system
Your staff will clock in and clock out with ease on the iPad POS. Give each staff member a password to increase security!
Customer order history
“The same as usual, sir?” View your customers’ last orders and re-order their favourites in just a few taps.
Table map
Create a detailled floor map so you can seat guests easily, and get alerted when a table’s been waiting to order!
Pocket Manager app
Viewing sales reports on your POS is good, but viewing them remotely is even better! Our iPad POS system comes with a Pocket Manager mobile app to keep you updated.
Back end insight
Log in to a back end portal where you can see your invoices, top selling products, staff sales, voids, stock management, and more!
How will you customise the back end?
Business Intelligence
The Abacus Business Intelligence (BI) module is your portal for in-depth analysis of your business’ performance. View sales activity across various timespans, and compare sales at a glance with automatically generated graphs.
Email & SMS Campaigns
Abacus Email & SMS Campaigns manages your email and SMS marketing. Use Email & SMS Campaigns to draft, schedule, and send messages to your customers and other designated recipients.
Loyalty Marketing
The Abacus Loyalty Marketing module allows you to manage a loyalty system so you can reward existing customers and gain new ones. By running a points system, you show customers that they are appreciated, and encourage them to continue returning to your business.
Online Reservation
Let your customers book a table with our fully integrated online reservation service. However busy your schedule, your customers will be able to see what times are actually available to request a reservation.
The Abacus Rostering module allows you to organise your roster across one or several locations. Input your staff information, set your roles and pay rates, and plan rosters before sending out automated e-mails to your staff to confirm their shift.
What add-ons will enhance your business?
Customer-Facing Display
The Customer-Facing Display shows a customer’s order as the cashier puts it through. When inactive, it plays a slideshow of your chosen pictures, such as promotional graphics and food photography.
Order Status Screen
To be used in conjunction with the Abacus Kitchen Display Screen (KDS), the Abacus Order Status Screen allows the customer to see when their order is ready, eliminating the need for a buzzer.
Digital Menu Board
Display your menu on a large screen: the Digital Menu Board. This eye-catching display can showcase your most enticing dishes as well as any offers for the day.
Customer Menu
Instead of giving a paper menu to your customers, hand them a nifty iPad with all your products on display. When they’ve added their items to the order, all it takes is a staff PIN to send it through!
Self-Ordering Kiosk
The Abacus Self-Ordering Kiosk allows your customer to create their order from a standalone kiosk. It is ideal for minimising queues in high-traffic environments, such as cafés at lunch hour. Add a cash machine for total automation!
Kitchen Display Screen
The Abacus Kitchen Display Screen (KDS) allows the POS system to communicate orders directly to the kitchen so kitchen staff can efficiently prepare and keep track of dishes. The responsive interface allows orders to be listed in various ways so that similar orders can be prepared at the same time, improving workflow, organisation, and efficiency.
Online Ordering
The Abacus Online Ordering package allows your customers to order through a mobile app or through your website, and these orders go straight to your POS system.
Stock Management
The Abacus Stock Management smartphone application enables you to keep track of your stock levels, prepare worklists, create purchase orders, and overlook delivery control. Maximise your profits and minimise wastage by knowing exactly how much stock is being sold, used, or disposed of.
Table Ordering
The Abacus Table Ordering application allows your customers to order from the iPads situated at their own tables. It is ideal for busy restaurants, such as sushi trains, where a high volume of customers order from the table.
Waiter Pad
Let your staff take orders and even process payments at the table! Instead of having to take orders on paper and then walk to the POS counter to key them in, you can send orders on the spot!
Who do we integrate with?
Accounting – Xero
Our iPad POS system integrates with Xero accounting software so your
sales and time sheets are accounted for in the big scheme of things.
Workforce management – Deputy, Zuus
Schedule shifts using Deputy or Zuus. When your staff clock in via the Abacus iPad POS system, your time sheets will update accordingly!
An integrated payment will bring your business to another level. Cashlez is one of the most advanced payment gateway company available in Indonesia. Available for a credit card, debit card, digital wallet and QRIS.
What extra hardware can we work with?
  • Zebra
  • Symbol
  • Motorola
  • Honeywell
  • CAS
  • Datalogic Magellan
Cash machine
  • Automated note and coin cash machine system
Magnetic stripe card
  • Swipe card
Label printer
  • Wristband printer
  • Label printer
  • Table buzzers