Small Business

Best POS System For Small Business

You’re not asking for much: a fast, stable, easy-to-use POS system that will speed up your small business.

Our POS System has all that and more!

Have you considered the possibilities?

Increase sales and automate your marketing

Use online ordering, mobile ordering, and online reservations to keep your traffic coming. Streamline your marketing with your own integrated loyalty program and e-mails!



Staff Management

Keep track of your staff as they clock in and clock out on the POS. You can use our own rostering system, or take advantage of our Deputy and Zuus integrations.

Why not reward your highest performing staff? See who’s responsible for every sale, and get visualised data for comparison!

Easy to set up, easier to maintain

Minimise the time and cost of staff training with a user-friendly system that is easy to pick up (literally). Our smart payment integration further reduces risk of human error.

You’ll also have the freedom to update your menu, pricing, discounts, and other details, all on your own!



Real-time reporting

We’re not into palm-reading, but we’re into seeing the bottom line in the palm of your hand. View your sales reports via your own Pocket Manager mobile app.

You’ll get access to:

  • Top selling products
  • Sales from previous weeks
  • Weather report

And that’s just from the app! You’ll also get in-depth reporting via your own web portal.

Total hardware integration

Scales, printers, cash drawers, label printers, scanners, cash machines… we’ve got it all covered so you don’t have to worry about looking out for hardware that integrates.



Accounting integration

Our integration with Xero lets you streamline your accounting processes by syncing your sales and time sheets between our platforms.

Other features you may need
Kitchen display screen
Send your kitchen virtual dockets that are arranged by time, so no order gets lost.

Send mass e-mails to staff to put them on shift, and see them clock in and clock out in real time.

Points system
Reward your regulars with your own customised points-earning schemes. We can set you up a customer loyalty app, too!

CCTV Integration
Rest easy, knowing that each transaction is linked to your CCTV footage.