Self Service

Enhance Your POS With Self-Service

Simply Smarter Point of Sale

Abacus is Australia’s first self-service POS that integrates with an automatic cash machine. And why not? Customers are becoming more independent, so it only makes sense to introduce self-service to your business! Speed up your operations and ensure order accuracy by letting your customers place their orders and pay all by themselves.

Self-ordering Kiosk

When your customers want to skip the queue, or just don’t feel like talking to people, give them the option to order via an interactive kiosk. It’s quick, convenient, and exciting!

Automated Cash Machine

Sometimes, you just want to use coins and notes. You don’t have to limit your customers to card payments for self-service; use an automated cash machine, too! It can speed up your orders and ensure tender accuracy.

Table Ordering

Save your staff valuable time by installing an iPad at every table, so your customers can send their order directly to the kitchen. Your staff can give help where it’s needed, and avoid order misunderstandings!

Customer Menu

Keep the human touch by handing your customers an iPad for a menu and let them create their order. When it’s ready to go, your staff can revise the order, send it, and give the menu to the next table!

Customer Mobile Apps

Let’s make you a mobile app where your customers can place their order, select their table number, and pay before even setting foot in store. All you’d need to do is prepare the dish and serve it straight to their table!

Customer Order Alert Screen

Your hungry customers have one question on their minds: is my food ready? Keep them updated about the progress of their order, if it’s still being prepared or if it’s ready to pick up!