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Boost Your Revenue with Social Media

Nindya Karinnya
January 22, 2021

Social media comprises a range of websites and applications. Facebook and Twitter, focusing on writing messages, and others like Instagram and TikTok are meant to publicize photos and videos. However, the ground is still to share content.


Who doesn’t know social media marketing? Most business owners use this method to gain audiences, and you know for sure that Social Media is here to stay! Millions of people in Indonesia have used social media which makes it a crucial part of your brand marketing strategy.


Still not convinced about the power of media platform? Wondering what the benefit is for your businesses? The benefits such as increasing your brand reputation, cost-effectiveness, and promoting products.

Here are five ways to grow your online presence with social media


Learn from your competitors


Media platform is a good way to keep an eye on your competitors, not only that but you can learn from them too. As it gives you inspiration for their tactics, how they interact with customers, future promotions, etc. However, don’t just copy them! Instead, learn their strategies, tweak their ideas, and make them your own. Because what’s meant for them isn’t always meant for you.


Always active


One thing you have to know about online users is that when they say they are on social media, they are really on it! Most users won’t check on your profile if you’re being inactive, it’s better if you’re being active and connect with them


Focus on your audience


Although creating content is fundamental, focusing on your audiences is also important. You’ll get to know what’s for them and what’s not. When your audience likes your content it can give you the idea of what should be your next content

The key is to focus on their interests.




First thing when you use media platform, you’ll always have to come up with new ideas, new content to give to your audiences. Content creators need to ensure that the content is well received by keeping in mind their audience’s interests and goals.

The content can be in many forms such as photos, videos, messages, text, and even promotional materials.


Play with #Hashtags


A hashtag is a crucial part of social media marketing. It links to your content as it can give your different audiences to see your content. In another word, it can help to raise awareness of your business. 




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