Waiter Pad

Enhance Your iPad POS System With A Waiter Pad

With the Abacus Point of Sale Waiter Pad, your staff can take orders and process payments at the table instead of having to take orders on paper and then walk to the POS counter to key them in. Now you can send orders on the spot to streamine workflow, minimise mistakes and maintain table service!

The Benefits of the Abacus Waiter Pad app

  • Maintains table service
  • Streamlines workflow
  • Updates in real time
  • Enables payments
  • Integrates with POS
  • Minimises mistakes
Maintain that excellent table service without slowing down the ordering process!

Point of Sale System

All the essential ordering features of Abacus POS are available in the waiter pad. As it connects with the main POS, any product changes and price rules will automatically apply, so there’s no second guessing happy hour or credit card surcharges. Abacus integrates with a variety of payment providers so you can even process payments at the table!

Table Maps

Where your table service requires one or several table maps, Abacus has you (and your floor plan) covered. Assign guests to tables, merge tables, split orders, and print bills using the advanced Table Map feature.

User Management

Pass the waiter pad among your staff without losing track of who has done what. With user management, you can see who took which order in your reports. For added security, designate a PIN or password to each user.

Held Orders

Be flexible with your service! If one waiter is busy, any other waiter can take care of their table, as the waiter pad shows current orders for any table. Add onto orders, revise past orders, and print bills to the POS counter from the waiter pad.

Customer Lookup

Look up any customer to attach to an order, or register a new customer on the spot. When used in conjunction with the Loyalty Marketing Module, you can see how many points each customer has, and they will be able to earn more points when you put through their order.