Kitchen Display Screen

Enhance Your POS With A Kitchen Display Screen

The Abacus Kitchen Display Screen (KDS), or “bump screen”, communicates orders directly to the kitchen so your staff can efficiently prepare and keep track of dishes. The responsive interface allows orders to be listed in various ways so that similar orders can be prepared at the same time, improving workflow, organisation, and efficiency.

The Benefits of the Abacus Kitchen Display Screen

  • Increases Operational Efficiency
  • Captures Staff Performance
  • Integrates with POS
  • Controls Workflow
  • Eliminates Need for Printers
  • Updates in real time
The KDS alerts the kitchen when an item has not yet been prepared, minimising the risk of losing orders. To keep track of dishes, kitchen staff can set individual items from an order as being held, prepared, cooked, or finished, before bumping off the whole docket.

Virtual Docket System

Instead of printing paper dockets, the KDS displays a virtual docket for each order. When you’re done preparing an order, bump it off- it’s that easy!

Colour Coding

Track the status of an order by changing the colour of every docket item. It doesn’t have to be limited to “new” and “completed”; if you want to show it’s being prepared, held, or requested urgently – we have colour codes for them, too!

Alert for Long Wait Times

Each docket has a timer, so you know how long customers have been waiting. But how long should they wait? 10 minutes? 1 minute? Set any timeframe or your KDS to alert you when an order has become “urgent”.

Item Queue Display

“But I put my order in first!” – it’s one of the worst things you can hear, and it’s completely avoidable. For rapid-fire service, show ordered items in a chronological queue. Keep your customers happy – first come, first served!

Preparation Time

On your Abacus back end portal, see how long it takes for each dish to be completed. Figure out what slows down your kitchen to improve your workflow!

Smart Grouping

Did 5 people just order the same thing? Maximise efficiency by viewing orders in groups. Your kitchen can prepare the same orders in a batch, rather than making the same thing over and over!