Customer Menu

Enhance Your POS With A Customer Menu

Instead of giving a paper menu to your customers, hand them a nifty iPad with all your products on display, which integrates with the Abacus Point of Sale. When they’ve added their items to the order, all it takes is a staff PIN to send it through!

The Benefits of the Abacus Customer Menu

  • Decreases service time
  • Integrates with POS
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Guarantees order accuracy
  • Updates in real time
  • Staff PIN prevents accidental orders
Save waiter time otherwise spent lingering while guests try to decide (or forget) what they want!

Attractive interface

The digital Customer Menu takes browsing to the next level. Paper menus limit your cuisine imagery due to limited page space; on the Customer Menu, you can upload a tantalising photo for every product. Your guests will be able to breeze through the menu’s simple and intuitive interface. Deciding what to eat has never been more fun!

Customised categorisation

Keep things simple and organised by categorising your products in separate tabs. Consider gouping your recommendations in a “Favourites” section, or make a menu just for children!

Customised branding

Add your own logo to the menu, customise a screensaver slideshow, and choose any colour scheme. A branded Customer Menu makes a lasting impression on its customers!

Multiple languages

Accommodate all your customers with our multi-lingual options: English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Your guests can feel comfortable, informed, and welcomed!

Staff-approved orders

Only orders that have been approved by a staff member make it through! You don’t need to worry about accidental orders, and you can give the Customer Menu to another table as soon as the order is sent!