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Abacus’s Integration with Cashlez Makes Business Transactions Easier!

December 15, 2020

Cashlez is a financial technology company or one of the Payment Gateway Company in Indonesia. They give out value propositions for sellers and a mobile payment method. Your customers can simply make payments, because cashlez has many ways to receive payments, starting with a credit card, debit card, QR code, etc.


By being integrated into our Android POS, it creates fast, easy, and efficient transactions in every business!


Why did we integrate with Cashlez?


We wanted to ensure that businesses have payment methods that are easy and convenient. So, your business can be controlled, and you can manage and develop your business. During the pandemic, Cashlez has many partnerships with a bank, non-bank, and business partners, such as Commonwealth Bank, Vospay, ShopeePay, and others. Since many businesses are shifting their payment method to being cashless, Cashlez set this as a strategy to keep and improve a business in the middle of the pandemic. 


By using a payment gateway, every process on a transaction in your business will run smoothly, thereby reducing operational time. Other than that, using cashlez can prevent mistakes in counting the transactions which can cause loss. When using a payment gateway, you don’t have to check your transactions manually!


What can Abacus and Cashlez do to your business?


Our POS focus is to meet and think about the various needs of business in managing more practical ventures. Starting from speeding up the process of ordering, payments, sales income reports, and others. 


Other than Ipad POS, Abacus also has a POS that is using Android-based software. However, the working mechanism is different for both point-of-sale systems. Our android POS is suitable for small to medium businesses that have a payment system that pays at the front. We often see a problem with this kind of system, which is usually there are long queues that are caused by long payment.


Through our partnership with Cashlez, customers can make fast payments and provide an optimal experience when ordering. 



Cashlez | mPOS dan Solusi Pembayaran untuk Bisnis. (2020). Retrieved 8 December 2020, from https://www.cashlez.com/


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